5 In-Person Teaching Lifesavers!

Hi Everyone! I am trying to get better about actually writing while working! Let’s see how it goes. I don’t want to promise that I’ll have posts because work comes first. But I want to try to make more of an effort to continue working on my blog! I decided why not write about a few things that have been helping me so much during in-person teaching!

Cotton Masks: I haven’t been wearing the disposable masks. First of all, I feel bad thinking about the masks wasting away in the ocean. Second, I think that by using cotton masks, I haven’t broken out! I bought about 12 cotton masks from Etsy. I wear one per day and then throw it in the wash. This is environmentally friendly and it feels better! Let me know if you want the ones I wear!

Wearing my cotton mask and blue light glasses on the subway. Picture featuring my dog so no, I wasn’t going to work!

Personal Thermometer: I bought a personal thermometer off of Amazon. I actually haven’t used it too much but it has helped relieve some Covid related anxieties! If I am feeling off at all, I can quickly check my temp!

Mask Holder: Another Amazon purchase! I bought a pack of two chains to clip onto my mask! When I am eating lunch, I can drop my mask (hehe!) and not worry about where it is!

Face Shield: I wore my face shield so much the first few days. The hardest part about teaching in person is that I have to try hard not to get close to my students. It’s really hard! The first few days I had to help them connect to the Wifi and get their devices set up. Because of this, I wore the face shield knowing that I would need to be closer than 6 feet to them.

Blue Light Glasses: These have absolutely been my favorite thing! I have turned my Blue Light Glasses into a semi-face shield for when I want to protect my eyes but don’t want to get the whole face shield out! I have also been wearing my glasses on the train to protect my eyes.

If you are a teacher and starting to go back, good luck! My best advice is to practice wearing your mask and be honest with your students! It’s a huge change but being able to see the kiddos in person, has been the best!

Have you gone back to work yet? If you are a teacher, are you still remote or in-person?


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