I am a huge fitness junkie! I love working out! It is my time to focus on myself and forget what else is happening in my life and the world.

Since quarantine has started, I had to drastically change my workout routines. I usually weight lift and do minimal cardio. However, since March, I have been using resistance bands because I don’t have weights. I have also been doing a lot of HIIT workouts and/or going on walks.

Recently, my workouts have included a warm-up HIIT set, 5-6 resistance bands exercises, then another round of HIIT with more sets. Here are a few of my workouts!

This is how I write my workouts so I can see them while I do them! 30 on/10 off means 30 seconds doing the exercise and a 10 second rest. Same with 40 on/ 10 off.

Here are the resistance bands that I use. I bought them from Cristina Capron Fitness. I love these bands. I had bands from Amazon that were plastic and they snapped or would ride up during the workouts. These bands are thick fabric ones. They do not ride up and they are strong. Even my husband uses them with me! Cristina Capron’s bands might be sold out and if they are, I highly recommend looking for bands sold by other fitness influencers. First, they understand the strengths and materials needed. Second, you are supporting a small business!

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