Things Rani is Loving Thursday

Hi Everyone! Today is the day! It’s our one year adoptaversary for my dog, Rani! I can’t believe that we have had her for a whole year! I can’t even imagine my life before her or without her. Throughout this year, we have only been separated for 5 days when I went to Mexico. Those were the longest 5 days ever! We are using this day to celebrate her birthday too because we don’t actually know when she was born (adoption problems!). 

Because today is Thursday, I am going to share my Things I’m Loving Thursday post but it will be doggo addition and call it Things Rani is Loving! Here are some products that Rani loves! 

3. Soft toys: Rani loves soft plushy toys! We got her this packet from Amazon and it has lasted almost a full year. She has completely destroyed the toys but that just shows us how much she loves them! We use the toys to play fetch too!

2. Meat treats: Rani loves all meat flavored treats! We tried to give her some cheese ones and she wasn’t about it. She loves beef and lamb in particular. We love the brands Zukes, Charlee Bears, and Wellness! We try our best to give her treats made with mostly meat and no fluff ingredients.

3. Crate: Rani absolutely loves her crate. When we got her, we immediately decided to crate train her. We never used her crate as a punishment and we never take her out of there ourselves. She goes in there when she wants some alone time and we respect that. We got her crate from Amazon too and it folds down!

Here she is enjoying her crate, toys and all!

I hope you enjoyed a different version of my Things I’m Loving Thursday! I am off to go cuddle Rani and give her lots and lots of scratchies!

You are so loved, my baby ❤

xxSejalina and Rani

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