Book Review: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Hi everyone! I finished The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo last week and I loved it! I thought I would do a book review because it is THAT good! I finished it in two days! It’s chick lit and unlike any book I’ve read before. I promise no spoilers!

Summary: Monique is a journalist trying to make it big. She suddenly gets a big break by being able to interview the famous actress Evelyn Hugo. Evelyn Hugo had a quick raise to fame and was known for her seven marriages. As Monique interviews her, she learns more about Evelyn’s life and marriages along with a secret love affair in Evelyn’s life. Throughout the book, readers are left wanting to know more about the famous Evelyn Hugo’s life. Then we find out that Monique has a connection to Evelyn Hugo that is a plot twist no one saw coming! 

Rating: 10/10

Review: I obviously love this book! It’s written beautifully and easy to read. What really made me love this book is the plot though. While we know that Evelyn is being interviewed, she just talks through her life like a biography. She goes through the small details and conversations that she had with the people in her life. She goes through every marriage, why she was married, and how she met them. Each marriage is different and she learns something from all of them. Her life just flows beautifully! I also like how there is a connection between the journalist, Monique, and Evelyn. This I didn’t see coming! 

If you can’t tell, I am all in favor of reading this book! Let me know if you do! 


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