5 Ways To Keep Your Home Organized

I have always loved organizing! This is probably one reason why I succeed in my profession and also one reason I annoy my husband! Keeping my home organized is something that makes me feel better! 

There are many ways to stay organized but the most important thing to consider is what makes sense for you. Before you begin organizing, you have to think answer these questions: 

  • Do I like things to be color coded? 
  • Do I like to group similar product types together?
  • Am I doing this for function or aesthetic?

Answering these questions will help you figure out what makes sense for you! For example, I like to color code my shirts. But I don’t do it for my dresses. I keep all of my dresses on one side of my closet. Another example is that I organize my beauty products in three categories morning products, nighttime products, and then products I use for both. This is my preference, what makes sense for me, and what makes me feel the most organized. This may not be the same for someone else though and that’s okay!

Once you figure out what makes sense for you, here are a few more ways you can keep your home organized!

  1. Always put back whatever you take out 

This is a good rule of thumb to live by- if you take something out, put it back when you are done. This will ensure that your home stays clean and organized!

  1. At the end of the day, tidy up to make sure things have been put back

If you aren’t able to put something back when you are done with it, you can tidy up your house at the end of the day. This will help you feel organized when you wake up in the morning. You won’t have to go searching for anything because it will be right where it belongs!

  1. Declutter often

At least once a month, I try to go through my home and see what I can get rid of. I usually donate to Goodwill, post it on Poshmark, or see if one of my sisters or friends wants it. By doing this, you won’t accumulate things that you aren’t using!

  1. Buy bigger containers to put smaller things into 

One way for rooms to appear more organized is to have a bigger container filled with smaller things. This is particularly helpful in the bathroom. Get a few nice containers for makeup, hair products, cleaning supplies, etc. It looks nice on the outside and it’s organized on the inside! 

  1. Get some sort of filing system

A filing system will help so much with random papers! Random papers make a desk or room look cluttered. A filing system makes it easy to find important papers, declutters an area, and you can find some filing systems that make it aesthetically pleasing! 

Like I said before, I love organizing! I have been an organizing queen since I can remember! Being organized makes me feel less anxious and happier. I hope these tips help!

6 thoughts on “5 Ways To Keep Your Home Organized

  1. These are all super helpful tips! I totally agree with the putting things back because I used to be super lazy and not put things back and everything ended up a mess but now that I put things back in their place my house is a lot neater. And definitely put stuff in containers- it’s such a great way to store smaller things and it makes it easier to find stuff!


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