Things I’m Loving Thursday (but on Friday)

Hi All! I hope you have had a lovely week so far! I can’t believe today is the last day of July. It seems like some months of 2020 are flying by while others are crawling. It’s a gloomy day in NYC and with yesterday’s post being on the sadder end, I thought I would share my Things I’m Loving Thursday but on a Friday! I want to bring a little light back to the blog and for myself. I love these posts and sharing some cool finds! So here they are, three things I have been obsessing over!

3.  Herringbone Chain: I love love love the way that these necklaces look! They are so simple yet very fashionable! I got mine from J. Crew on sale for $13! It’s quite a steal. I bet that you could find them on Etsy too!

2. Gimme Beauty Hair Ties: I have A LOT of hair, like a lot. I have big, thick Indian hair. I have always struggled to find the right hair ties. When I say that, I mean hair ties that hold my hair in a big bun and don’t flop or break. I finally found some that work! I found Gimme Beauty through one of my favorite Instagram bloggers, Dede Raad or dressupbuttercup. She posted about them and had a discount code so I decided to try them out. HOLY WOW! These hair ties are amazing quality. They don’t stretch out over time. They hold all of my hair in place and they have a bunch of different sizes and colors. I purchased the “Long Fit” and “Any Fit” both in black. I 10/10 recommend trying these!

The bigger ones are the “Long Fit” and the smaller ones are the “Any Fit”

1. Blue Light Glasses: The last thing I have been obsessing over are blue light glasses! I tried my sister’s pair when we were in Indiana and they made my eyes feel so good. I ordered a pair once I got back to NYC. I found them on Amazon and they were a great price! I was able to get two for $17. There are also a lot of different styles of glasses that you can find! Blue light glasses protect your eyes when you are using a screen whether it is a computer, phone, or TV! I have noticed a huge difference. I don’t get a headache after being on my computer for awhile.

I hope this brought a little joy to your day! Let me know if you try out any of these things! Have a fantastic weekend! Next week, my blog will be all about my dog! We are celebrating her first adoptaversary on Thursday and I have so much to share! Take care!


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