A Bummer…

Today is Thursday which means that I usually do my Things I Love Thursday blog post. I had even started it but then I got some disappointing news. I wanted to write about that instead because writing has now become therapeutic. So here it goes…

A few weeks ago my husband and I decided that we were going to start looking at houses/bigger properties. We quickly came upon this amazing 3 bedroom walk-up. It was in our budget and newly renovated. It was perfect! We found out that someone had put in an offer so we quickly put one in too! To our excitement, they accepted our offer! We started going through the process to buy it! Then earlier this week, we got the news that the sellers had lost the property they were going to buy (aka move into so we could move into theirs). But our realtor said that he was getting positive indications that they were still going to proceed with selling it to us.

This morning, the realtor called and said that they canceled the offer.

Like what? Just yesterday, we were getting a positive indication. How did this happen?

My husband and I are so disappointed. We were so excited. While everything was moving quickly, we were ready. We wanted this place just as badly as we once wanted our dog, Rani.

You know that feeling when your stomach is bubbly because you can’t stop thinking of something and it just makes you so happy? That’s how we felt. Amazing place, amazing price, amazing location- the perfect package deal.

So today I am just feeling really bummed and disappointed. I thought about still posting my Things I Love Thursday but it felt fake. I am not excited about anything right now. I am annoyed and bummed. I pride myself with always being honest, whether that is my students, my family, or friends. I don’t want to be the blogger that shows a highlight reel. So here is the truth.


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