On Blogging: Changes and Realizations

Blogging has a huge learning curve. Over the last few weeks I have worked on my blog everyday. I have posted once a day and I have been networking like crazy, reading other blogs, learning more and commenting. I have also changed a lot on my blog like the theme. I have been playing around with Canva as well! It feels like everyday I am learning something new that I want to add to my blog or write about. To be honest, I love it! 

Two weeks ago, I chatted with my sister more about what I wanted my blog to be like. We decided to first look on Pinterest to get inspiration. This helped me, first, visualize what I liked, then take parts of different blogs and define exactly what I liked. After, I filled out these categories.












Filling out these categories added another layer of helpful knowledge. It listed out exactly what I wanted. After verbalizing this, I searched for a theme on WordPress that fit what I had written in those categories. I looked at Pinterest, again, to help me find color palettes and fonts. It’s actually pretty cool because once you find a color palette, you can input the color number and it shows up! 

Here is one palette I really liked!

After I figured out how I wanted my blog to look, I started messing around with the different customizations on the theme I chose. I am still working on this! I have added to a few of the pages at the top but I still have a few to work on! I also added a menu and follow button! 

Lastly, I thought more about the purpose of my blog. I wrote about finding my niche here but ended without knowing the true purpose of my blog. While I still don’t think I have a particular niche because I write about a variety of things, I did come to a few conclusions. 

  • I realized that I am blogging for myself. This is my baby and I am proud of it!
  • I am still debating if I want to share it on my Instagram. I do have my Instagram linked on my blog but I’m not sure if I want to share it the other way (on my Instagram). 
  • There will be easy fun days of working on my blog and other days filled with frustration, impatience, and annoyance! This is the cycle of life though!

I am a newbie blogger but I have learned so much in the last few weeks. I am feeling more confident about writing and sharing which makes this so exciting for me! I want to say thanks to everyone who is following along and reading what I write! You give me encouragement with every like and follow to continue writing! 


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