On Writing

Last week, I wrote about reading and how I decided to become a reader based on my teaching practice. I spent a lot of time thinking about reading, basically the whole year. Now, with my blog, I have been thinking about my own writing. Like reading, I have never been a writer. 

Starting a blog has allowed me to experiment with my own writing. Most days I just write about what comes to my head and what I am feeling but I’ve also included tips and things I love. By practicing different writing styles, I am feeling more confident. I now see the importance of why we teach nonfiction, fiction, and poetry in writing. 

Like I said in my blog post On Reading, when I wasn’t reading yet teaching reading, I felt fake. I wasn’t practicing what I was preaching. It’s the same with writing. How can I teach my students writing when I never do it myself? I am a huge believer in doing as you say. I pride myself in being honest with my students so what would I do if they asked me what I write about? 

The past year has been one for reflection. Teaching is a job that pushes you to constantly reflect on your practice. I would usually do this after a lesson. But once I started looking at the bigger picture, as in my students’ learning as a whole, I realized something. I realized that as an educator, we are trying to set our students up for a lifetime of success not only in their favorite subjects, but in subjects that are hard. This was not the case for me and many of my peers. Once you found something you were good at, you continued with it because it was easy. We weren’t taught about growth mindset. 

I want to be the educator that shows my students that learning never ends. I want my students to see that even at 27, you can learn to love reading and writing. You just have to find something that sparks that passion. For me, it was my students and my blog. 

What sparked your passion?

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