Things I’m Loving Thursday

I wanted to start a weekly post where every Thursday, I list out a few of the things that I am currently obsessing over. Here they are for this week! 

3. Fine Jewelry! I have been obsessing over my gold, silver, and rose gold beaded bracelets from Etsy! Along with that, I have been loving small gold hoops for earrings from this jeweler

2. Oversized shirts! I think almost every day this summer, I have worn an oversized shirt. They are so comfy and roomy. They are also super in style right now! I’ve linked a few of my favorites! 

1. Coming in at number 1, BIKE SHORTS! With my oversized shirts, I have been wearing bike shorts every. single. day. They are cute and in style too! I wear them to lounge as well as to workout! The link I’ve included is for affordable biker shorts from amazon! 

Here’s the look with all three of my favorite things!

Fine jewelry, oversized shirts, and bike shorts all together plus my dog and an NYC view!

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