Summer Goals 2020

Hi All! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on my blog but I am going to try to post more now that I am on summer vacation. I was thinking about how I have felt rather bored and miss the feeling of being busy. So, I decided that I needed a few projects in my life. I am going to post more, write more, read more, and maybe find a few online jobs to keep myself occupied. I am also going to set some goals for myself. I am hoping that this blog holds me accountable!

I was inspired to make my own projects by my 82 year old grandfather. When my grandmother passed away 10 years ago, my grandfather decided to travel the world. However, now with his age and the pandemic, he is stuck at home. He decided to write about his travels and create a project for himself to keep his mind active. I thought it was a great idea! 

So where do I start? I thought a lot about what I wanted from this summer and what areas I want to grow in. Here is the list of my goals for this summer: 

  1. Read at least 10 books
  2. Write 2-3 blog posts per week
  3. Write at least one blog post for an educational site 
  4. Proofread 4 different papers (apply for a proofreading job)
  5. Workout at least 4 times a week
  6. Clean out my grandpa’s house

Now, how do I track my goals? I made sure that my goals are well rounded and measurable. At work, we learned about SMART goals which are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time bound. In order to track my goals, I am doing a few things. I already have a list of the books that I have been reading on my phone. I am going to use excel to great a tracker for goals 2-4. For goal 5, my husband (and workout partner) will hold me accountable! The only one that isn’t a smart goal is the last one but that is something I am helping my family with and I only have two more weeks to finish that up! 

So… here we go! Let’s see how this summer goes and wish me luck!

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