A Serious Case of Skincare

I’ve recently been on a skincare binge. I was watching a Tik Tok video about drugstore skincare products. I was like, “Oh, these products are cool and I use one of them, so that’s awesome!” Then I saw the video again, duetted with a licensed esthetician reviewing the products in the video. She said that some of them were good, and the one I used was really bad. She said it was full of carcinogens and parabens. I was surprised. I’ve been using this face wash since high school. I decided to look at the back and see what exactly was in there. I didn’t know a lot of the ingredients so I looked them up. I found out that the worst ingredients were actually in a lot of the products I used. I was mortified. I thought that I had been doing a great job with my skincare but it turns out, I was putting harsh chemicals on my body. Once I learned about the harmful chemicals, I did some research as to what should be in my skincare products. In this post, I will talk about the worst ingredients in skincare products, what I was using, and what I started using after. I also included links straight to the products website! 


  1. Parabens

Parabens are preservatives. They mimic hormones such as estrogen and then, cause hormonal imbalances. These are put into products to make sure that bacteria doesn’t grow. 

  1. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and/or Sodium Laureth Sulfate 

SLS is a surfactant which means that it reduces the surface tension on the skin, therefore making molecules slippery and causing them to stick to oil and grease. SLS can cause skin irritation. These are sometimes used as foaming agents aka what makes a cleanser foam up. 

  1. Artificial Fragrances 

Artificial fragrances are filled with carcinogens and allergens. They also have endocrine disruptors which cause hormonal imbalances. Lastly, artificial fragrances can cause skin to become irritated.  

Other harmful ingredients include toluene, phthalates, polyethylene glycol (PEG), formaldehyde, oxybenzone, diethanolamine, and triclosan. 



I’ve used Cetaphil since I was in high school. The dermatologist recommended it to me. I had been using the cleanser and daily moisturizer every day. I have heard that there is some debate about Cetaphil. The reason why dermatologists recommend it is because it is affordable and a gentle cleanser. But after seeing all of the parabens and carcinogens in it, I can’t use it anymore. 


I’ve used Aveeno since college. A friend used their body wash and her skin was silky smooth so I decided to try it. I loved the smell of lavender and it was creamy. It would foam up so nicely too. But one of the first ingredients is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. This ingredient basically makes your skin crave it more by not allowing your skin to absorb the product. 


Skincare: TULA

Review: I have mainly been using the TULA products. I LOVE these products. I first learned about TULA through Instagram and some bloggers I follow. They all talked about how much they loved TULA but I thought it was just for money. I decided to try it on a whim and it really is amazing. First, I bought their starter kit (Discovery Kit) which has mini versions of The Cult Classic Purifying Face Cleanser, Get Toned Pro-Glycolic Resurfacing Toner, Hello Radiance Illuminating Serum, 24-7 Moisture Hydrating Day and Night Cream and a little travel bag! I tried out all of the products and within a couple of weeks, I was sold. I went back and did their skin quiz. I have combination skin- dry in the winter, oily in the summer. I also get acne sometimes (usually depends on what I eat). With the skin quiz, you can get the products on MAJOR discount. I ended up getting a bigger bottle of the The Cult Classic Purifying Face Cleanser and Hello Radiance Illuminating Serum (so I could save the travel size for traveling), Dew Your Thing Oil-Free Gel Cream, So Polished Exfoliating Sugar Scrub, Rose Glow & Get It Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm, Clear It Up Acne Clearing + Tone Correcting Gel, and lastly, Go Away Acne Spot Treatment. I highly recommend all of these products. They smell amazing and make my skin feel so good! I am going to do another post about my skincare regimen so stay tuned!

Body: Love Beauty and Planet 

Review: I cannot rave more about this product. I absolutely love it! First of all, it’s super affordable. I got two 16 oz. bottles for about $14 from amazon. The smell is amazing! It’s also a lavender body wash but this lavender just smells fresher. It is also a thick, creamy liquid. I only have to use a small amount for my whole body. I’ve been using it for about two months now and my skin feels great! 

That is everything that I learned through this skincare journey! I hope this post has been informative. If you are looking for more information, I’ve included two links, one which talks more about harmful skincare ingredients and the other lists out more clean skincare products. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them at the bottom of this post! 

Harmful Skincare Ingredients

Clean Beauty Products

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