Why I decided to do this

It’s currently the 700th day of winter and I had the hardest week of my first year of teaching. I have been going back and forth whether to actually try blogging. I talked to my little sister and after hearing she decided to buy her own domain, I felt inspired. Inspired to write a little bit about things that I love, inspired to try something new, and hopeful that maybe the passion and drive I once had with teaching will come back to me if I can give myself the space to do something different. 

The  conversation I had with my sister came after she got some bad career news. While figuring out what her next steps were, she decided to start a blog and write about her interests. After reading some of her posts, I loved it. I loved being able to see what she was thinking and reading about what she loved. Like most sisters do, I copied her. I sucked up my doubts and decided to start writing and maybe putting it into a blog. I have a lot to say and just want to put it out there. I want to give it a try. I can’t sit here and hope that this will become something if I don’t try, so here it is! 

My posts will be a mixture of everything I love. That includes teaching, fitness, fashion, organizing, and all things New York! I hope you find a little inspiration and a lot of information from my writing. I am as real as they come, so if you ever have any questions, please leave a comment!


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